Planning & Budgeting

In planning an event, regardless of the size, it is critical to plan effectively and budget accordingly. As with the old adage ‘the devil is in the details’ – so is the success of your event. Our team of experts will assist in creating a plan based on your priorities, and establish a supporting budget for all components including food, beverage, facilities, logistics, entertainment, communications and more.

Site Inspections and Facility Contracting

The question that immediately follows the decision to hold an event is ‘where?’ We have knowledge of popular event locations and experience researching, selecting, and inspecting sites. Beyond the initial site selection, our team will navigate the complicated facilities contracting – representing your best interest.

Vendor Management

An average event may involve numerous vendors, from the event rentals, audio / visual and transportation to the entertainment, food / beverage, and staffing. Rest assured in knowing that with Calmetto Event personal on hand to manage the timeline and execution of vendors supporting your event, that you can relax and enjoy the event.

Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales & Fulfillment

Many large conferences and trade shows are only possible due to sponsorship and exhibit sales support. Calmetto Events understands the importance of ensuring that events are financially successful. We will make sure that there is a solid return on investment for those events designed to generate revenue.

Marketing & Registration

Calmetto will develop custom marketing materials for your event. Communication tools, including registration brochures and sponsorship advertising will be designed to promote your event and highlight your sponsors. The Calmetto Events team will ensure increased event participation by providing registration support – online registration, tracking of attendees, and on-site check-in.

Speaker & Entertainment Coordination

One of the draws of any event, conference, or trade show, is the speakers and entertainment provided. From researching and booking speakers to coordinating entertainment including golf, site-seeing, music and more – Calmetto Events handles all the details to make your event spectacular.

Travel Logistics

Calmetto Events prepares and communicates travel details to all event attendees. Arranging and managing airline and ground transportation to, from, and during an event, our team makes sure programs stay on time and that attendees get to and from the various components of the event with ease.